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Even at higher resolutions and settings, certain gauges with small text are difficult to read. This is a limit of the physical screen of current virtual reality headsets.

To help in these situations, you may use FlyInside's Binocular Zoom functionality.

Setting Up Binocular Zoom

To setup Binocular Zoom, navigate to the FlyInside Bindings tab (see Running FlyInside). Scroll down to the "Zoom" section.

First, bind a button for "Toggle Binocular Zoom":

  1. Locate the "Toggle Binocular Zoom" binding option.
  2. Look at the "Bind" button to the right.
  3. Press your Interact button.
  4. Choose a button on your joystick which you'll use to turn Zoom on and off. I recommend Forward on a joystick hat.

Now you can test out binocular zoom. Press your zoom button once to zoom in. Press it again to zoom back out to normal. Easy as that!

You can also adjust your zoom level.

  1. Locate "Adjust Binocular Zoom Strength"
  2. Look at the "Bind" button to the right.
  3. Press your Interact button.
  4. You can now choose either an axis or pair of buttons to use. See FlyInside Settings and Bindings for more information. I recommend using two buttons: left and right on your joystick hat.

Now try adjusting your zoom level. Press your zoom button to zoom in. Now use your adjustment controls to change how far zoomed in you are. Finally press zoom again to zoom back out. FlyInside will remember your zoom level, so you can just tap Zoom to zoom back in at any time.