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This page will list the aircraft add-ons that have been tested with FlyInside. The list states how well the aircraft work, as far as control is concerned, as well as how the cockpit looks. The latter is, of course, subjective, and a model having a VC which doesn't look that great but works in FlyInside might still be worth flying. It's a personal thing, subject to what the virtual pilot finds acceptable. Some cockpits require scale adjustment in FlyInside, to look more realistic.

The first list will consist only of paid add-ons (payware), listed alphabetically according to publisher, the second list contains freeware models listed alphabetically by aircraft manufacturer. Please bear in mind that these comments are in regard to how the models look and work in Virtual Reality only.

*Due to the large number of freeware aircraft models available, only models that have been tested and work in FlyInside will be listed, some may have 2D panels


A2A Boeing 377 Stratocruiser = good control ; nice VC
A2A Cessna C172R = works well ; very nice all round
A2A Cessna 182 = Good mouse control ; looks very fine. Very nice!
Aerosim Boeing 787 = only MCP and levers are operable - not recommended
Aerosim Boeing 747 = only MCP and levers are operable - not recommended
Aerosoft Beaver X = working ; Some gauges not appearing in P3D (a fix is available)and has 2D panel appearance
Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter Extended series = Works well ; looks good enough
Aerosoft Navy Hawks package (SH-60/S.75) = works ; panels bland looking and mostly 2D,with non-functioning controls, but overhead panel is good
AFS McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom ; minimum control ; looks awful in VR - not recommended
Aircraft Factory Avro Anson Mk1 = control is ok ; VC has 2D gauges, but is okay in VR
Alabeo Cessna C404 Titan = Works well ; very impressive
Alabeo Diamond DA40 Star = Works ; not the best looking
Alabeo Diamond DA42 Twin Star = Works well ; looks okay
Alabeo Extra 300S = works well ; looks good - and loads of fun!
Alabeo Piper PA32 Saratoga = works well ; looks great
Alabeo Piper PA44 Seminole = works well ; looks good
Alphasim P-2H Neptune = works mostly ; VC is pretty awful - almost all 2D except the overhead panel, but then it is originally an FS9 model
Alphasim Grumman Hu-16 Albatross = Works well ; looks good - quite an experience!
Alphasim PBY Catalina = Doesn't work - WARNING! not recommended! Views are different for each eye - you'll go cross-eyed!
Captain Sim Boeing 757 = control seems okay with mouse ; Looks pretty good, but there are some minor things such as 2D gauges.
Captain Sim Boeing 737 = Works well ; looks great
Captain Sim C-130 Hercules pack = Works well enough except for some minor 2D controls ; Looks good
Carenado = all newer models are great! Some difficulty reading FMCs
Carenado = older models are not so good - C182 RG, C185F and U206G
Cera Sim Bell 212 = Works ; Not bad, all round
Cera Sim Bell 222B = Works ; Impressive!
CLS BAe-146 = works well ; some 2D areas, but okay for VR
CLS Boeing 767 = mouse control in VC is poor if at all ; VC looks okay but a lot of 2D
CLS DC-10 series (newer) = Works ; very good
ESDG Cessna Citation II = Works ; Panels look pretty awful in 2D
FeelThere/Wilco E-Jets v2 = Works ; VC looks fine in VR
Flight1 ATR72-500 = Not recommended - CTD!
Flight1 Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander = works well ; VC is excellent
Flying Stations Canberra packs(for FS9) = these work well in FSX and most in P3D ; They do look very nice in VR, but the gauges are all 2D.
Flying Stations Hawker Sea Fury = works well ; looks quite good, panel textures a bit bland
Flying Stations Buccaneer S.1 and S.2 + looks and works great
Flysimware C195, C402C & C441 = control is good ; all good VCs but GPS screens and radio digits are quite dim
IFE/Dino Catteo F-35 Lightning (P3D) = works ; looks good
Iris Alenia C-27 Spartan = works ; looks reasonable, but VC panels are very dark
Iris F-22 Raptor (default P3D) = Works well ; looks good
Iris Fairchild A-10A = works very well ; VC is very impressive
Iris Grob G-115 Heron and Tutor = Works fine ; fantastic all round!
Iris Grumman F-14A & B Tomcat = Majority works well, but HUD controls inaccessable, so no HUD! ; VC looks good enough
Iris Pilatus PC-9 = works ; looks good
Iris T-6 Texan II = works well ; looks good
Just Flight dH Chipmunk = Works well ; Fantastic! The P8 compass is just incredible in VR.
Just Flight Fokker 27 Friendship = works very well ; VC looks great
Just Flight General Dynamics F-111A & C = works ; looks good
Just Flight HS/BAe Hawk T1 = works ; looks good
Just Flight Lockheed C-69/L1049 Constellation (P3D) = works well ; looks quite good but with some 2D gauges (not all) - the radio unit is outstanding
Just Flight Lockheed Electra = works well ; looks great
Lionheart Gates Learjet 24 = works well ; basically looks good, but spoiled by horrid reflections
LM/P3D Beech 58 Baron = minimum control ; VC is poor
LM/P3D Beech King Air 350 = minimum control ; poor VC
LM/P3D Maule Orion 260 = works well ; 2D gauges disappointing
Nemeth Designs AS-365 Dauphin = Works well ; cockpit panel is magnified too much, requires scale adjustment
Neuroflight Reims Cessna F406 = Limited control ; gauges fuzzy at normal zoom, but clear when zoomed-in
PMDG Beech 1900D = Minimal control ; doesn't look good. Not Recommended.
RAZBAM BAe Harrier GR7/9 = works well ; looks fantastic
Sibwings Antonov An-2 Colt = works well, lovely VC
SkySim Douglas DC-9 = Control is OK ; some gauges are a bit fuzzy
Virtavia DHC-4 Caribou = works okay ; gauges not the sharpest and has a 2D centre console, but otherwise quite acceptable
Virtavia Gloster Javelin = minimum control (needs to use 2D panels, which are accessable from pit) ; fuzzy gauges and text - not recommended in VR
Virtavia Westland Sea King = Works well ; cockpit panel is magnified too much, requires scale adjustment
Virtavia UH-60 Black Hawk series (P3Dv3) = works well ; looks very good
Virtual Col ATR42 series = very basic operation ; 2D panel - not recommended
Virtual Col ATR72 series = very basic operation ; 2D panel - not recommended
Virtual Col Regional Saab series = control ok but basic ; flat looking panels
Virtual Col Skyvan/S360/S330 = works ; overscale (needs adjusting in config), gauge glass reflections awful
Virtual Col Otter series = works well ; best VCol model, with good VC, but scale needs adjustment
Warbirdsim P-51B/C Mustang (MkIII) = works well ; looks great


Aeroprakt A22 Foxbat by Rick Piper
AMD Mystere IV by André Chancel
AMD Mirage 2000N by Roland Laborie
AMD Mirage IIIB by Restauravia
Auster AOP 6 and T7 by Dave Molyneaux/CBFS
Auster J1 Autocrat by Dave Molyneaux
Avro Shackleton MR3 by Robert 'robcarrich' Richardson
BAe/Hawker Siddeley Nimrod series by Simshed
Beagle Bassett by Robert 'robcarrich' Richardson
Bright Star by David Rowberry (manually launched glider)
Bristol Beaufighter series by Dave Garwood
Cessna 177 RG by Brett Henderson
Cessna C310B & Q by Robert Richardson
Dassault Mirage 2000-5 by Rollus
de Havilland 100 Vampire & Sea Vampire by Robert Richardson
de Havilland dh112 Venom FB1/4 by Robert Richardson
de Havilland Sea Venom FAW.21 by Robert Richardson
de Havilland dh89a Dragon Rapide by Dave Garwood
de Havilland Chipmunk T10 by Rick Piper
de Havilland DH125 & B by Robert Richardson
de Havilland Hornet series by Robert Richardson
de Havilland Mosquito FB.IV by DaveG/CBFS
Dornier Do-28B by Classic Wings
Douglas A1-H and J Skyraiders by Tim Conrad
Embraer A-29B Super Tucano by Tim Conrad
Fairey Swordfish by R Ruscoe and P Chandler (Flying Stations)
Gloster Meteor F3/F4/Mk8/FR9 by Robert Richardson
Grumman Tracker/Tracer/Greyhound series by SOH team
Hawker Hunter series by Dave Garwood (trainers are not recommended at all)
Hawker Siddeley 748 & 780 (FSX updated) by Rick Piper
Howard 500 (updated) by Milton Shupe
Hunting Percival Pembroke by Robert Richardson
Lockheed F-104S Starfighter by Skunkworx
Luscombe 8A Silvaire X by Classic Wings
MD81 by Mitsushi Yutaka
MD83 by Alejandro Rojas Lucena
Mitsubishi F1 and T2 by Tom Conrad
Moraine-Saulnier MS760 Parisjet by Tim Conrad
Nord 3400 by Restauravia
Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter by Tim Conrad
Piaggio PD808 by Mario Noriega
Pilatus PC-6 by Tim Conrad
Pilatus PC-7 v2 by Tim Conrad
Piper GA series (Archer/Arrow/Seminole etc) by Rien Cornelissen
VW Camper Van by UKMil

More will be added as soon as they are tested.
Edited by John Dixon ("Brixmis")