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Getting started with FlyInside should be quick and easy. You'll be flying in no time!

Running FlyInside

First, make sure that your virtual reality headset is connected to your computer and working. Be sure that your monitor and headset are connected to the same graphics card, that SLI is disabled, and that your computer is setup as described in Hardware Setup

To run FlyInside just start "FlyInside FSX" or "FlyInside P3D" from your Start Menu. FlyInside ?may ask you to pick some basic settings and make some changes. Just follow the instructions one by one. You may need to restart FlyInside after these changes are made.

Eventually your flight simulator should open your monitor, while FlyInside will appear inside your headset.

If you have trouble running FlyInside read Common Issues and Getting Help

Getting Started

The Interaction Button

Once FlyInside is running you'll need to choose an interact button. The interact button allows you to navigate menus, ?move windows, and in future updates will allow you to manipulate aircraft systems.

You should see a dialog prompting you to choose an action button. Press a button on your joystick which is convenient and easy to reach. If the right button has been selected, look at "Use this Button" (a blue dot will appear over it) and press your interact button again to continue.

If you forget what your interaction button is you can clear it by running "Reset FlyInside FSX Settings" or "Reset FlyInside P3D Settings" from your Start Menu.

Interaction Without a Joystick

If you do not own a joystick you can choose an interaction button from your keyboard.

To do so, take off your headset and make sure that your simulator is opened to an airplane cockpit. If your simulator is on the opening screen with flight selection options then enter a flight. Next, click on your simulator window to make sure it is focused. Finally, put on your headset and choose an interaction button by pressing it on your keyboard.

A joystick, HOTAS, or yoke is highly recommended for flight simulation. Having? one of these controllers increases immersion and makes flight control easier. If you are just getting started, the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick is a good entry-level joystick.

Trial and Activation

Basic Use

In the Cockpit

In the Menus