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To use FlyInside you'll need a flight simulator, a virtual reality headset, and a virtual reality capable computer.

Flight Simulator

FlyInside requires a flight simulator in order to function. FlyInside installs as an add-on for your flight simulator, bringing it into virtual reality. To use FlyInside, please install one of the following simulators listed below.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the most widely used flight simulator. It is cheap, easy to purchase, and supports a huge number of add-ons. Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition is recommended. It provides the best performance, and often goes on sale for as little as $5.

Older versions of Flight Simulator X are also supported.


Prepar3D from Lockheed Martin is a more modern flight simulator than FSX. Sharing common heritage, Prepar3D supports many FSX add-ons. It is under active development and features prettier graphics with cockpit shadows. Prepar3D is more expensive than FSX, with a price of $200 for entertainment use, or $60 if you meet the requirements of the Academic license.

Note that Prepar3D frequently releases updates, and it often takes several days before FlyInside adds compatibility for new updates. If you are happy with your FlyInside installation do not update Prepar3D before checking whether FlyInside support has been added yet.

FlyInside curently supports Prepar3D 2.5-3.3.

Choosing a Simulator

If you are new to flight simulation, I would recommend starting with FSX. It is cheaper, includes a larger variety of aircraft, and best of all, ships with many fun missions and tutorials.

More serious simmers may prefer Prepar3D for its improved graphics and advanced functionality.

Virtual Reality Headset



FlyInside requires that both your primary monitor and your HMD be connected to the same graphics card. This is because FlyInside shares data between your simulator, monitor, and HMD. Your HMD must be connected to the card's HDMI port. If your graphics hard has only one HDMI port, and your monitor also uses HDMI, you will need to use an adapter to connect the monitor to an alternate port. An HDMI to DVI adapter may be necessary.

FlyInside does not support SLI. SLI may result in crashes, flickering, or failure to function. Please disable SLI before using FlyInside.