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FlyInside should take less than five minutes to setup! FlyInside features a small download and a quick installation.

Downloading FlyInside

To download FlyInside visit the Download page. To use FlyInside with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, use the FlyInside FSX downloads on the left side of the page. For use with Prepar3D, use the download links on the right for FlyInside P3D. Click the download link appropriate to your headset.

The FlyInside download will run as a free trial for new users. If you already own FlyInside you do not need to log in to download, simply download the free trial and activate in-game!

Installing FlyInside

Installing FlyInside is easy, with a simple click-through installer.

  1. Turn off any anti-virus software, which may interfere with installation.
  2. Make sure that your computer meets the recommended specifications for VR and is setup as described in Hardware Setup
  3. Run the FlyInside installer.
  4. Once the installer opens, press Next to continue.
  5. Read the licensing agreement, accept the terms, and press Next.
  6. If you are using the Oculus Rift you will need to enable third-party applications. Follow the instructions on the "Enable Side-Loading" screen. Press Next to continue.
  7. FlyInside will attempt to detect your flight simulator installation. If it cannot find your simulator, browse the "Browse..." button and navigate to the folder where your simulator is installed. For Flight Simulator X, look for the folder containing FSX.exe For Prepar3D, look for the folder containing Prepar3D.exe.
  8. Once you have located your simulator, FlyInside will allow you to continue, press Next.
  9. Over the next two screens you can configure Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts. Read through these screens, make any changes you prefer, and press Next.
  10. After continuing, FlyInside will install into your Flight Simulator.
  11. Be sure to turn your anti-virus software back on after installing!
  12. Once installation is complete you may launch FlyInside from the installer, or from the Start Menu shortcuts created. You can start FlyInside FSX using the "FlyInside FSX" shortcut or FlyInside P3D using the "FlyInside P3D" shortcut. To start your simulator normally (without VR), simply use your "Flight Simulator X" or "Prepar3D" shortcuts as normal.